ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) and Your Skin

Apple cider vinegar can be a great addition to your skincare routine. It gently exfoliates, shrinks pores, tones skin, brightens, fights acne, lightens dark spots, and reduces signs of aging

Apple cider vinegar with the mother is the one you want. The Mother is a cloudy, stringy substance in the vinegar made up of strands of protein, good bacteria, amino acids, and enzymes.

Apple cider vinegar with the mother contains the following components:

Acetic acid: gently lifts dead skin cells and reveals the fresh smooth skin underneath
Malic acid: an alpha hydroxy acid that. firms, promotes hydration, brightens, and increases collagen production
Potassium: works internally to regulate moisture and hydration, maintain pH, and support new skin cell growth

You can make an easy face wash or toner by mixing 50% ACV and 50% water.

To cleanse face pour it into hands and rub into the skin. Add more solution to hands as needed and gently massage into the skin for about 2 minutes then rinse with warm water, and follow with a toner and/or moisturizer.

To use it as a toner pour some onto a cotton ball or into hands and massage into the skin, allow it to dry and follow with moisturizer.

The smell usually dissipates as it dries but if you are concerned about smelling like vinegar use it at night before bed and wash it off in the morning.

If you plan to purchase, Bragg is my go to brand. It is organic and has "the mother." It will cost anywhere from 5 to 8 dollars for a 32oz bottle depending on where you purchase.

Apple cider vinegar has many other benefits to your health, but now you know how using it topically can improve the health and appearance of your skin 💖💖💖

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