Why Is Natural Deodorant So Problematic?? IT'S NOT!

Goodafternoon Wonderful! Have you had a negative experience with natural or homemade deodorant?

If so here are some tips for a seamless transition and funk free days:

1. Natural deodorant usually needs to be reapplied at least once throughout the day for optimum odor protection.

2. It is not an antiperspirant, you WILL sweat.

3. Everybody and every armpit is different, what worked for your friend may not work for you.

4. If you are a regular user of big brand deodorant/antiperspirant and want to switch give your armpits time to detox, it will make the transition smoother. You can use bentonite clay, lime juice, or activated charcoal to help draw out toxins left over from your previous deodorant.

5. Those yellow stains on all your white tees aren't just sweat. They are sweat reacting with the aluminum salts in your deodorant. Those same stains that "just won't wash out" are an indicator of the toxic build up inside your body left from your deodorant/ antiperspirant.

6. The leathery brown armpits usually associated with homemade deodorant come from TOO MUCH baking soda. Most homemade recipes have baking soda as up to 50% of the recipe and skin friendly concentrations are under 6%.

7. You may hate to hear it but your diet is probably 85% of why your deodorant isn't working. Clean eating equals a clean body. Water and fruits are ideal for creating a body that outputs minimal to no funk.

8. Women stink different from men. Our pH levels are slightly different so once the sweat gets to the bacteria in our armpits it mixes a little different and creates a different or stronger funk for women.

9. Using lime or lemon juice on your armpits as a primer for your natural deodorant can boost its stink stopping power by adjusting the pH of your underarms. Key lime juice works best for me and regular limes work ok.

10. Give it time. Your body has to adjust to no longer being bombarded with pore clogging, build up producing chemicals. Regular deodorant/antiperspirant works against your body, fighting it's natural functions, and natural deodorant works with your body to diminish underarm odor.

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