Lotus Loyalty Program

Welcome to Nzuri Wewe Body Essentials.  We take pride in customer service and ensuring our customers enjoy the experience of shopping with Nzuri Wewe beyond the day their order is received!  

As a token of appreciation for each and every one of you I like to include one or two sample items with every order.  These little extras come with a handwritten thank you and are perfect for passing along to a friend or relative, or keeping for yourself for travel. 

Loyal customers will receive a "lotus" for every order placed.  Once you've collected your 7th "lotus" you'll receive a full size FREE item of your choice.  For purchases to qualify they must be made online.  

It's so simple, all you have to do is continue making purchases, and you'll collect your 7 lotus flowers.  Once you receive your first package you'll understand how easy it is to come back for more.  These products truly love your skin and will make you fall in love with taking great care of it.