About Nzuri Wewe

Hi all, I'm Jauhara. My specialty is skincare. I've created a line of luxurious face and body care products for women and men called Nzuri Wewe Body Essentials. Nzuri Wewe is Swahili and translates to Beautiful You. How fitting is that for a line of products that brings out the best in YOUR skin? 💖

Each product is carefully handcrafted using the best butters, oils, extracts, hydrosols, and infusions. A smoother more radiant complexion, quicker healing, fewer breakouts, and younger looking healthier skin are some of the things you can expect when using Nzuri Wewe Body Essentials.

I started this business to bring healthier products to people like me. I started researching alternative products when I cut my hair and stopped using chemical laden products. I noticed in my search that many things marketed to black women are fatally harmful. The beauty industry is heavily under regulated and manufacturers can use just about anything in their products.  Did you know that around 11 ingredients are banned from being used in cosmetics in America. Compare that to over 1000 ingredients banned in Europe. That leaves A LOT of room for toxins to find their way into the things you use on your skin, and those toxins end up in your blood stream. 

At Nzuri Wewe Body Essentials I keep it simple. I use pure and natural butters, oils, juices, herbs, roots and berries to create products that truly love your skin. Everything is filled with the nurturing and healing power of nature. You can use these products confidently knowing that you're doing right by your skin and your health.

Thank you so much for visiting my site, I'm confident you'll find the right product for you. 💙