Body Oil Bundle

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It's hard to pick a favorite from my skin loving dry body oils, so I'm bundling them! You can get your hands on all three and switch it up whenever you feel like it.

Going out and need to add some fire to your look for the night? Use the "Summertime Fine" body oil to bring a glow, a sexy scent, and confidence through the roof to any night out. 

Oh, you're staying in tonight and just need to relax. Light some candles, have some wine, and get (or give) a massage with the "Rub Me Down" body oil.

It's just one of those days! You have a lot to do and you might be feeling the pressure, but the occasional compliments you get on how great you smell make the day a little better. The "Luscious" body oil smells so amazing it can take your mind from that office straight to a private beach vacation where fresh fruit is always available and the drinks don't stop!