Clear and Glowing Bundle

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The Moroccan Clay and Hemp Milk face wash is super gentle but powerful. It helps to keep skin clear of breakouts, combats the dark spots left from past breakouts, and makes skin soft and radiant.

The Herbal Infusion and Sake toning mist is super hydrating and makes a great primer for make-up wearers. It penetrates the skin to reduce signs of aging, minimize scarring and give you a youthful glow.

The Evening Primrose serum is super lightweight and goes on easy. This blend of super fruit oils is rich in antioxidants and brings the life back into your skin. It's great fir the sensitive area around the eyes, which can show our age before other areas of the face.

The Detox Face and Body Bar is my go to when I feel a breakout coming. I usually use this after a junk food binge, when my cycle is approaching, or if I go to bed without washing my face.

This collection is perfect for teenage acne, combination skin, mature skin, and dull skin.

I also handpicked an ultra soft sponge to go with every order. Use it everytime you cleanse your face to aid in exfoliation and help work the lather deep into your skin

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