Whipped Silk Luscious

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Our WHIPPED SILK is so much more than a body butter.  It is easily THE BEST body butter you’ll ever use.  It starts with a perfect blend of raw shea butter,, raw cocoa butter, and organic mango butter.  We prefer the raw butters over here because they pack all the nutrients your skin needs to glow and stay touchably soft. 

Now, let’s talk about the fragrance.  Everybody has a favorite but this one is EVERYBODY’S favorite.  As mentioned, the butters are raw and you can smell their natural goodness.  The smoky nuttiness of shea butter and the warm chocolatey goodness of the cocoa butter is enhanced with the scent of long nights on the beach, fresh juicy strawberries, and unlimited mojito’s to create our signature “Luscious” scent.  Just open up the jar and be swept away to the most luxurious get away filled with great drinks and juicy fresh fruit.

Key Ingredients:

Grade A , Organic, Raw Shea Butter

Fair Trade, Organic, Raw Cocoa Butte

Raw Fair Trade Mango Butter


Shea Butter boosts the moisture content of the skin, soothes inflamed and raw skin, and helps reduce signs of aging

Cocoa Butter hydrates skin, protects and seals in moisture, fights off free radical damage, and reduces the appearance of scarring

Mango Butter boosts the natural radiance of skin, softens and soothes skin, and supports collagen production


Other Ingredients:

Rice bran oil, jojoba oil, castor oil, flax seed oil, vegetable glycerin, fragrance, tapioca starch, LOVE


This is a handcrafted, plant-based product and never tested on animals.  Appearance may vary.